Virat Kohli Workout & Nutritious Diet: A Winning World Cup Recipe

Virat Kohli Nutritious Diet
Virat Kohli Workout & Nutritious Diet

We are curious to know about what Virat Kohli eats and what it takes to become a true champion It’s a popular fact that Virat Kohli idiol the legendry Sachin Tendulkar. In the words of Sachin Tendulkar ” People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones” So now you

So, Now we know where Virat Kohli’s motivation comes from. Virat is a truly determined sportsperson, who not only focuses on his cricket skill but also maintain their health and fitness. No doubt, many fitness freaks idolise him and wanna know his secrets of the “Virat Kohli Workout & Nutritious Diet

virat kohli workout and diet plan for world cup

Introduction – Virat Kohli Workout And Nutritious Diet: A World Cup Winning Recipe 2023

The legendry cricketer Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has been widely praised for his excellent batting in the Indian cricket team and his consistent attention to preserving optimal physical fitness and a planned diet plan. To maintain optimal performance on the cricket ground and maximize performance, the 34-year-old puts his nutrition first, even in the intense pressure-filled environment of the ICC men’s ODI World Cup 2023-2024. So let’s explore the nutritional selections that have allowed Virat Kohli to succeed at the top level of this respected tournament.

Virat Workout Routine :

There is no question that Virat Kohli fitness program is tough and hard but that is what makes him one of the coolest fitness cricketers in the whole world. On the field or off the field he is highly strict when it comes to keeping in shape. Regular physical routines during practice sessions before a match are simply one aspect of his fitness course. An exercise program at home or at the gym is a regular occurrence for our great cricketer.

Virat Kohli Workout
  1. Virat has his own gym at home he performs a few actions mentioned below :
    • Power Clean – It builds and makes strong posterior chain muscles, Glutes, Spine, Traps, Hamstrings, Calves.
power clean

2. Banded Squats: Banded squats help in developing strength & power.

power squats

3. Flat Bench Press: It is a compound workout that helps and targets upper body muscles which include the chest, Shoulders & triceps.

flat bench press

4. Lunges: Lunges are one of the good to exercises for leg, It helps and develop strong leg and core. Lunges are type of resistance exercise that can be perform inrespective of individual goals whether fat loss or muscle building.

lunges for heart health and strong leg

5. Rowing: It is possibly bent-over rowing that helps Kohli outplay the bowlers a person can perform rowing using doubles as well as cables in gym but kohli performs with dumbles because it helps him progressive overload which intern results in more speed and power to build Lats, Mid Back, Traps, Rear Delt these all workout if intense workout for lean body and stay fit.

Kohli Nutritious Diet Plan?

VIRAT KOHLI ” diet plan for a day

The diet plan of Virat Kohli is not that much complex. Some of short facts regarding diet are below:

  • Virat like to eat fresh home made foods. Eating less calorie to remain in shape. he is not food junkie but he is foodie when it comes to eating part.
  • As confirmed he is foodie who who eat favorite less calorie home cooked food. but at the same time he suggest people to avoid junk food. He likes to swap fatty items like Sugar made chocolates with sugar free chocolates less calorie. Him this not only satisfy hunger need between meals but also assures fewer calorie consumption.
  • Quality protein intake is what Virat wants, Protein help him in muscle building. This gives him power, strength, stamina and motivation to hit Six over boundary line. Dal, Spinach, Green veggies, dragon fruit seems to top on favorites list.
  • Kohli Diet plan involves fresh cut vegies direct from farmers either it is tomato’s or mushrooms. This help to balance his meals, and get the needed quantity of vitamins and minerals direct from fresh food he eat.
  • Virat is hug enthusiast of coffee, Consumes two cups of coffee on daily basis. He also wants to keep away from sugary beverages or refined sugar food items. Also do not consume a gluten. For healthy carbs he depend on Smoothie, sprouts or fresh salad.
  • Virat have passion and believes in keeping hydrate and fresh at all time. In addition to this, “Evian Natural Spring water” is a key element of Virat Kohli diet plan. The purpose for this is to remain clear from any water infections of health issue which may be prevented by drinking excellent quality mineral water. This helps him remain healthy on pitch, traveling & play a beautiful role in Indian Team.

Virat Smoothie Diet: 200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes Ebook


The essence of the Virat Kohli workout and diet routine can be summed up in a sentence – ” No Pain, No Gain” this is rule of universe and with this it takes lot of discipline, Devotion and determination to reach the goal. And it takes considerably more to remain there for a long time. Virat kohli has attained this glory, and with his present will power he is set go a long way.

As the great scientist Albert Einstein said ” Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. “

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Virat Kohli FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ):

Q. What diet plan does Virat Kohli follow?

Virat Kohli diet plan offers a well maintain meal with all the vital components. He keeps away from sugar and gluten and concentrates on integration of healthy carbohydrates to his diet. In addition to this, He exclusively drinks mineral black water.

Q. virat kohli diet name?

Today, The Indian cricket team is not only known for his performance also fitness too. Along with this, Virat Kohli maintains a vegan diet to remain focused and healthy.

Q. Is Virat Kohli vegan diet?

The Argument. Virat nutrition became the talk of the town a while ago when some mistaken him to be a vegan, Virat confirmed on Twitter that he is a Vegetarian who consumes eggs only.

Q. Does Virat Kohli eat eggs?

Yes, He confirmed on twitter that he is a vegetarian who consumes eggs.

Q. What is Virat Kohli’s Favourite food?

The first stop was for chole bhature it is not just any chole bhature but most famous chole bhature which was Virat Kohli’s beloved dish which is growing in west Delhi.

Q. Did Kohli eat non-veg?

He is eating Non-veg but due to some health issue, he stopped eating non-veg and became a fan of Veg foods in 2018 confirmed in the comments and live sessions.