Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet Plan For Fitness In 2023

ankit baiyanpuria diet plan

Ankit has recently gained a lot of attention and fan following on social media platforms. He was doing a 75-hard-day challenge. A lot of people in India have been impressed by this effort to improve health and physique.

Ankita Baiyanpuria is a small-time villager living in the state of Haryana and people know him about his desi fitness routine workouts and diet plans his real name is Ankit Singh.

Due to his huge success and popularity on social media, even our Prime minister Mr Modi Recently invited him to Swach Bharat Abhiyan which was streamed live on YouTube. It created records and this video had more than a Million views.

Introduction – Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet Plan a real weight loss journey

Nowadays everybody searching for Ankit diet plan and gained a lot of attention from the world for his successfully completing the 75-day fitness challenge. After PM Modi meets Ankit Signh people see and get’s motivation around the world. His desi diet plan is mixed with home workouts, I will explain his desi food diet and the style of home workouts he performs at home.

You can watch the complete video below:-

Ankit Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet Plan

Ankit’s eating plan mixes traditional Indian food with up-to-date fitness information. The following is a breakdown of his daily diet for him:

Morning Routine:

  1. One lota or bhadela water( 1 liter ): Drinking one lota of water in the morning boosts your daily metabolism and gives you the next level of energy and performance. ( Full day 5-liter water )
  2. Pre-Workout Food: He eats a Banana, Apple, 4 Akrot, 4 Angir, a few cashew nuts, raisins, almonds, soaks in water, and takes an empty stomach, and also drinks water.
  3. Two Hours of Hard Workout: After 20 minutes of warm-up he starts the workout which fits the Ankit. We will come into depth about it later.
  4. Post-Workout Food: 3 Bread (Roti), Salad, homemade Sabji, else he likes kachri chatni, 1 kilo yogurt.
  5. Home Launch: Desi ghee roti, rice, mixed vegetables, lentils(dal), and whatever is available his home and some fruits in the time found mostly from trees in his village

Evening time:

  • Whatever fruits are available in his house like oranges, apples, and tuth, these all help to recover his body and give vitamins and natural energy boosters.

Dinner Time:

Ankit Singh follows a normal desi Indian diet what we eat at home they just balanced

  • Plane Meal: Simple Indian meal with desi chapati, rice, and any vegetable available.
  • Yogurt: For calcium and to digest the food he consumes 1 kilo dahi
  • Milk: Milk recovers the muscles and is highly rich in calcium it mainly helps in muscle recovery.

Throughout the Day:

  • Water: In day time Ankit drinks 5 liters of water to hydrate and it’s also a top priority.
  • Salad: Ankit never forgets to add salad to his daily routine and gives vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Let’s take look at the ankit daily workout routine and tips

Ankit Baiyanpuria’s Desi-Fitness Workout Routine

The “Desi-fitness” workout is popular in India and Ankit does this workout. These workout actions heritage and culture of Indian tradition. See the following workout he does on a daily basis:

Morning Workouts:

  1. Yoga(Surya Namskar) is part of Ankit fitness routine that keeps him flexible but also encourages relaxation and mental health.
  2. 200 Sit-up 200 Squats, 200 push-ups, 30-minute planks are a few of the bodyweight movements he does during his fitness routine. Strength and general fitness are enhanced by these actions.

Ankit Evening Workout what you can do

  1. Indian village desi games: Ankit plays Gulli danda, kabbadi, Kho-Kho, and Pakda Pakdi remember these games are not only enjoyable but also provide excellent cardiovascular workouts.
  2. Swimming: Ankit Swims in Pokhari in his village it also part of his workout routine it is a fantastic full-body exercise that improves endurance breathing power and cardiovascular health.

Roud figures Ankit does the same workout he does in the morning to achieve next level fitness

What Desi-Style Fitness

Ankit’s fitness journey combines traditional Indian eating habits with physical activity. With inspiration from India’s rich cultural background, this desi-style approach places an emphasis on overall well-being, including the value of a balanced diet, water, and exercise.

Ankit Singh fitness journey combination of indian workouts and eating habits with book reading and playing. Actully it inspire a Indian rich culture and desi fitness approach places an emphasis on overall life including meditating, workouts proper diet plan and consistency.

Conclusion- Ankit Baiyanpuria Diet Plan For Fitness In 2023

Ankit Singh 75-day fitness challenge shows us how power full it is desi workouts, book reading, playing games, eating balanced diet on age old indian times. His transformation shows the value of healthy diet, following brahmcharya, respect to elder, surrounding with nature, healthy diet, and Indian inspired activities. Ankit did both WorkDiet + Consistency to see this result today you will be a next Ankit by following your dreams and working on daily at any situation.